Wood button (with 5 pieces)


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Mr. Shimokapu Kobo, who is familiar with amirisu original yarn balls, made a button. Of course everything is handmade.
4 types of trees are available. The expression is different depending on the type of tree! It's nice to choose by color or by name of a tree.

Online is all 5 pieces. If you select quantity 1, you will get 5 buttons.

* We do not sell roses. Please understand.
* Wooden buttons are cut from natural materials, so unlike plastic buttons, there are scratches that do not cause problems and there are uneven colors and patterns. Please purchase after understanding that point.
* Please refrain from using the dryer.

Size: Diameter 20mm / Thickness 3 to 4mm
Tree type: Walnut / Buna / Enju / Nara
Please check the color etc. in the photo.

Product type: Notions

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