twig & horn Wool Soap (bar type)

twig & horn

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From twig & horn, an affiliate of Quince & Co.
We have received a special wool detergent made with natural ingredients.

Following the liquid type that has been well received, it is a bar type stock.

Since the highest grade lanolin is blended, the wool is gently washed clean and finished in a nicer texture than when knitting.

Lanolin is a refined lipid component adhering to wool. It is gentle on human hands and is used in moisturizers, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
Wool clothes lose their lanolin every time you wash them,
A lanolin detergent can be washed while supplementing it.
You can enjoy important clothes for a long time.

There are 3 scents of Lemongrass, White Grapefruit and Rosewood.
Because it is an organic essential oil, it has a calm and natural scent.
Lemongrass has a fresh lemon-like scent,
White Grapefruit has a refreshing grapefruit scent,
Rosewood smells like a rose.
Unscented (Natural) is also available for those who are not good at fragrance.

How to wash:
Add lukewarm water to the tub.
Whip the bar by hand and let the foam spread through your clothes.
Alternatively, gently stroke the surface of the clothes with a bar.
Soak in 15 and rinse lightly (no rinsing OK, if you prefer).
Drain the water, shape it, and dry it.

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