Couture and knitting needle needle pattern collection 260

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Following the “Couture Knitting Pattern Knitting 2005” published in 250, the long-awaited hand knitting fan Hitomi Shida's “Needle Pattern Knitting Collection”. This year, the autumn / winter version of “Couture Knit” is a commemorative 20 issue. Taking this opportunity, the 11 pattern was selected mainly from the knitting patterns of “Couture Knit 20 ~ 1 Fall / Winter Edition” and “Couture Knit Spring / Summer 7 ~ 260”. It can be used all year round, with an index that makes it easy to select the patterns you want to knit, with a watermark pattern, ground pattern & cross pattern, panel pattern, pattern knitting arrangement, round yoke (dispersion increase / decrease), and Xing XING. Please use it to create your own original works by combining various patterns and changing materials.

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