Notes and conditions for shopping

Business (delivery) time

We deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For long vacationsBlogI will inform you.
For urgent inquiries, please call the store during business hours. (075-708-7210)
Regular holidays are days and months, and business hours are from 11 to 18.

about shipping cost

1. For normal shipping, shipping costsNationwide uniform 750 yen (excluding tax)is. In the case of mail service or cat POS310 yen (excluding tax)Will be added. The shipping cost is automatically calculated at the time of shopping, so please check it.Please note that shipping charges cannot be changed.
2. Free shipping on digital data.
3. If the total amount of the item is more than 20,000 yen, it will be free shipping.
4. If you buy a pre-order item and other items together, all items will be sent at the same time as the pre-order shipment, due to shipping costs. Please be careful.

Notes on shopping

1. About time and date specification
If you wish to specify time, please fill in the remarks column.
We do not accept urgent requests or date specifications. All orders are ordered and payment is confirmed, and the order is shipped.E-mail service can not specify both time and date.
2.Once the order number has been confirmed, orders added with other numbers cannot be combined.
3. After the order number is confirmed, adding or changing the product with the same number is basically prohibited because it is difficult to adjust the inventory. If you wish, you can cancel the existing order and place a new order at the online shop.
4. As soon as your purchase is confirmed, an automatic reply email will be sent to the registered email address.
5. You can check your order details and status at any time in your account.

For bank transfer customers

・ Payment is requested in advance. The transfer fee is borne by the customer.
・ Please specify the order number when making a transfer.
・ From the day you ordered5Please make payment within a day. After that, it will be automatically canceled and the product will be released. Please be careful.
Payee: Rakuten Bank (0036)Second sales branch (252) ordinary
account number 7201449

* Payment is confirmed manually. The order number clearly indicates a quick and reliable payment confirmation, so we ask for your cooperation.
* There is a separate cancellation policy for cloth sales and pre-orders. Please read the "Cancellation Policy for Bank Transfer" below.
* After payment is confirmed, we will put it in the normal delivery flow, so there is a possibility that shipping will be delayed than credit card payment. Please understand that point.

About shipping

1. Regular product
・ After payment is confirmed, we will send it out by Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport within 7 days of the store business day. Since the delivery company is changed according to the size of the luggage,Please leave your choice of contractor here.
-Usually, we do shipping work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.All shipments are sent in order of order number and payment order.
-Bank transfer customers will ship within 7 days of the store business day from the date the transfer was confirmed. Please make a purchase after understanding that you will have more time than PayPal and credit card payment.
・ Once shipped, a completion email will be sent to your registered email address. We do not provide a service to notify tracking numbers individually by e-mail.
-Due to the consignment of shipping operations, orders with different product numbers may be bundled by the contractor depending on the timing. Even in that case, we do not refund shipping costs.
2. Digital content
In the case of immediate payment by credit card, it can be downloaded immediately by email sent. In the case of bank transfer, we will send you an email as soon as we can confirm the transfer here, so please be patient.
3. Lesson
The lesson application is complete when payment is confirmed. Basically, in the case of bank transfer, please note that it will be handled as cancellation when it is not transferred within 5 days of bank business. If there is any inconvenience, please contact us by phone.

About casserole balls

Please note that the ball-wrapping service cannot be handled by mail order.This service is only available for over-the-counter customers.

Returns and exchanges

1. Returns are not accepted unless the product is defective. If there is a defect, receive the productPlease contact us within 5 days.

2. The photos listed here are as realistic as possible, but due to the nature of web technology, they must be influenced by device settings. You can exchange the product that seems to be different from the image as long as the same product is in stock, but please pay for the return shipping fee. Also, please refrain from exchanging products that have changed appearance when they arrive. This includes dirt, price tags, tags and labels.

3. Digital content cannot be returned due to the characteristics of the product.

4. Sales items are not allowed to be returned.

Cancellation policy for bank transfer

1. If you purchase fabric by bank transfer
If it is before delivery of “Order Confirmation Mail” (before cutting the fabric), it can be canceled.
If you have purchased the fabric by bank transfer, you will receive an email confirming your order after the email sent automatically after your order.
With this email, we will not accept cancellations after the confirmation email has been delivered because we are proceeding with the fabric cutting and shipping operations.
If there is a cancellation due to non-payment after the confirmation email, please note that future bank transfers will not be accepted.

About cancellation of normal products

You can cancel your order free of charge until the following time. If the specified time is exceeded, the delivery company will start preparing for shipping, so it will be difficult to stop shipping and incur a fee.
Tuesday to Friday
・ Orders before 3: Customers contact us by 3PM on the day
・ Orders after 3 in the afternoon: Customers contact us by 3 the next day
・ Orders before 3: Customers contact us by 3PM on the day
・ Orders after 3 in the afternoon: Customers contact us by 3 on Tuesday
Sunday to Monday
・ Customers contact us by 3 on Tuesday afternoon
If payment or transfer cannot be made within 5 business days after the order is confirmed, it will be automatically canceled under any circumstances.

About refund

Cancellation within the above deadline will be refunded 100%. If you have already made the transfer, please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

For cancellations after the above deadline, we will refund the amount after deducting the handling fee for returning the product. For returns after opening the product,Returns and exchanges"Please refer to the.

About cancellation of reserved products

Basic cancellations are not available for reserved products.
If a transfer deadline has been set at the time of booking, if the transfer cannot be confirmed within that time limit, the order including the reserved item will be automatically cancelled. Canceled orders will not be delivered at the time of arrival because they will not be ordered even if they are paid after the deadline.

About resale

In recent years, there are cases where products purchased at our company are sold at resale sites. As for the Japanese pattern attached to the kit, only our company has the right to sell, and resale is illegal. It is also illegal to use our photos and text without permission. Please be aware that if you find a sale, you will be notified to the site, and if your personal information is confirmed, no further transactions will be accepted.

About out of stock

1. Due to the congestion of carts, there are rare cases where customers can purchase products even if they are out of stock. Please note that we will contact you in that case.

2. Since the products in the store are sold at the same time in the online shop, store sales have priority, and even if payment is completed at the shop, it may be missing. In that case, after contacting us, we will respond by refund or proposal of alternative products, cancellation processing.