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amirisu Mystery KAL 2022: Memories of Moonlight

amirisu is holding our second annual Mystery KAL in September!

In a Mystery Knit Along (known a Mystery KAL or MKAL), participants knit a shawl section by section without knowing what the finished design will be. A new section of the pattern (a "clue") is revealed each week. Completing each clue brings participants one step closer to finishing the shawl and revealing the complete design.

There are many ways a Mystery KAL can be held and different themes they can have. For this year's MKAL, Tokuko designed a shawl based on an original concept: Memories of Moonlight. Each clue features a scene that serves as the inspiration for the motifs in that clue.

Join us for this year's MKAL to enjoy knitting along to the story!

amirisu Mystery KAL Pattern Only (PDF)
・Pattern (a total of 5 sections/ "clues")

The pattern will be provided electronically in 5 weekly installments following the schedule below.

Pattern Distribution

Once your payment is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download the MKAL 2022 Information Sheet (pdf). This file also contains a link to the amirisu Mystery KAL 2022 Dropbox folder that will contain the weekly clues. You may access the Dropbox Folder right away, but the first clue will not be added until Sept. 16.

Starting from Friday, September 16, every week at 15:00 a new clue will be added to the Dropbox folder.

* Please note that the pattern will be provided electronically as a PDF. We will not send out printed patterns.

The first clue will be provided on Sept. 16 (Fri.) at 15:00 (JST).
Clues will be provided over 5 weeks: Sept. 16, Sept. 23, Sept. 30, Oct. 7, Oct. 14
Participants will receive an email notifying them each time a new clue is available.

About the Pattern
Participants may choose to download the English version or the Japanese version of the clues. Video tutorials will be provided for key techniques.

About the Yarn
You will need at least four colors of fingering weight yarn. Further details on yardage will be provided in the MKAL Info Sheet.

Online Events/ Content
Virtual Cast On Party: Sept. 16 (Fri.) at 19:00 (JST), at this time we are planning to livestream on YouTube.

Q&A Corner
See our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Sharing KAL Progress on Instagram
We welcome participants to use Instagram to communicate with each other and share their progress!

To maintain the mystery and avoid spoilers for other participants, we ask that you use the MKAL image provided in the Dropbox folder as a cover image for progress photos. To do this, just upload the official MKAL image as the first photo in your post.

Join the fun on Instagram with our MKAL tag: #amirisumysterykal2022

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