Heart Stitch Marker Assorted Set


15 heart shaped stitch markers in 3 colors - 5 pieces of each color - packaged in a stylish tinplate circular case. Durable, elastic, and slip-resistant, these markers will stay where you want them. By inserting your needles into the top curves you can smoothly pass them from one needle to the other.

Choose from a set of two sizes (small and medium) or three sizes (small, medium, and large).

15 Markers in 3 colors (5 markers in each color)

SM (Small & Medium) Set: Yellow (S), Red (M), White (M) markers
Suitable for use with 2.00 - 4.80 mm needles.

SML (Small, Medium, & Large) Set: Yellow (S), Red (M), Brown (L)
Suitable for use with 2.00 - 6.60 mm needles.

Materials: Polyethylene

Made in Japan 

Other options available: SmallMedium, LargeExtra LargeAssorted Set

Type: Notions

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