Japanese Sentence Pattern Video Course 1 / Sea Holiday


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Bolero-style margaret knitted with thick light threads. This is written in a Japanese sentence pattern, but I added a video explaining the pattern while looking at the pattern for those who are not good at writing patterns or are worried about knitting something other than Japanese knitting patterns.

English abbreviations used in English patterns are used in the patterns, and the concept of English pattern charts is also introduced.

Before studying English patterns, start with Japanese! Ideal for those who think. Please try it.

Kit contents
・ Berroco Cotolana S (M, L) = 4 (5, 5)
Please select the color and size from the pull-down menu.
・ Japanese print pattern
・ Pattern explanation video

In the explanation video, the YouTube link is specified in the pattern, so please enter the URL.

Detailed pattern information
US7 (4.5 mm) and US4 (3.50 mm) codes 80cm or more

Other tools
Separate thread, crochet, binding needle, eye number marker (1)

S: 48cm × 68.5cm, sleeve around 28cm
M: 48cm × 78cm, sleeve around 28cm
L: 48cm x 87.5cm, sleeve around 33cm

Product type: Lesson

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