First punch needle (video course)


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Amy OxfordThis is a tutorial video for those who are new to the company's punch needle. It explains everything from materials and tools to basic stabs and finishing. Feel free to challenge lag hooking with a punch needle.

#1 Explanation of materials and tools
#2 How to copy the frame and design
#3 How to thread
#4 Basic Stab
#5 How to cut the thread
#6 How to fill
#7 How to change color
#8 End of stab processing
#9 Finishing method

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There is no right answer to rug hooking, although there are tips to finish it cleanly. If you do your own design and how to do it, it becomes the personality of the work and the artist. Please try it out and open up your own world.

The way to introduce here isbookhou OfArounnaThis is a mix of the methods you learned from, how to do lag hooking, and the methods that Meri thought of. It does not introduce the correct answer.

Please note that we do not answer questions regarding the content or other hooking.

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