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This is an online course where you can write knitting text patterns in Japanese and explain the techniques while reading patterns.

In the advanced edition, you will learn how to write a pattern with sleeves.

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First, I will explain while looking at the drop shoulder pattern sample (Ember) without sleeves. Since the size development is relatively easy, I will explain the calculation method etc. as a beginner size development.

Next is a description of the pattern (Ishiguro) that has a binding, a design that fits the body to some extent, and has a sock mountain. How to determine the size, how to calculate it and put it together in a pattern. Unravel while thinking about the structure of the human body.

About course style
This is only available online. In order to take classes, you need an environment where you can use the Internet and a computer or tablet.
There are about 8 videos for 7.

About the course method
We provide a link to Vimeo and a Dropbox link to download usage patterns. I never send anything on paper.
Credit card and PayPal will be automatically sent immediately after purchase, bank transfer will be automatically sent an email to download the data after payment is confirmed.
All you have to do is click on the basics, so even those who are not familiar with the Web should take it with confidence.
Lecturer will be Otiaitoku.

Target person
・ Those who have drafting technology but cannot express it as a pattern
・ There are various ideas, but those who do not know how to make it into a pattern

What you can learn
・ Method of expressing what we knit or designed as Japanese sentence pattern
・ How to write patterns that are good for the knitter and for the designer
・ Specific work methods for pattern creation
・ Sales method and accompanying customer service method

A word from the teacher
It is hard to say that a method called `` sentence pattern '' that expresses how to knitting with sentences like reading a book is not established in Japan, but this method of writing patterns only with text is everyone It's a great way to express as a designer.
I was one of the first to sell patterns in Japanese text patterns, but I didn't want to do that even if I wasn't. As a result of considering whether to sell, we arrived at this method that can be expressed only with text and photos.
This method is based on the patterns I have written so far, and it is a lecture that teaches how to write, the points to note, and how to sell the patterns.

Please take this opportunity to present your design as a pattern!

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