Qing Fiber Yak Single

Qing Fiber

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Manufacturer: Qing Fiber
Product Name: Yak Single

65% SW Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 15% Yak
/ About 480m / About 120g

Amirisu first appearance, Qing Fiber Single.
Qing Fiber is a hand-dyed yarn brand based in London, England.
The owner, Layla, is from Beijing, China and started Qing Fiber in 2016.
The bright coloring that is full of dreams is attractive.

Single-ply Fingering yarn.
Soft touch.
Qing Fiber is the most luxurious combination of wool, silk and yak.
A silky luster is added to the grayish base of yak for a deep color.
It is a coloring that feels a bit of Oriental exoticness.
Recommended for knitting shawls and clothing.

* Please note that there are individual differences in the color appearance of each 1 casket due to hand dyeing.

Product type: yarn

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