Bonnie Bishoff shawl pin

Bonnie Bishoff

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Shawl stick and shawl pin by Bonnie Bishoff.
It is handmade one by one and is made firmly.

The subtle coloring of the polymer clay is eye-catching.
It is a smooth feel.
Because it is elaborate in detail, it has a familiar presence when wearing a hand-knitted shawl.

Bonnie was the next booth at the TNNA (professional ordering party) that I went the other day. Eyes nailed to a cute shawl pin. Tokuco and Meri have chosen and purchased.

There are stick type and pin type.
Stick type: It is hard to fall because the stick is bent.
In the photo, the stick that is bent from the motif is the stick type.
Pin type: Use the pin on the back of the motif. It stays firmly.

Material: Polymer resin
Bracket part: Pewter
Stick type: About 8 to 9 cm (including stick)
Pin type: The size of the motif Width approximately 6.5 ~ 8 cm

* There are individual differences for handmade. Please note that the photos may differ slightly.

Product type: Notions

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