Purl Soho Classics (Book)

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A new book with a collection of patterns using Purl Soho's Line Weight!

Lineup of 5 points for all 9 points such as wear 14 points, hats and mufflers. Of course there are sizes available, so you can knit with your favorite size.
Since there are only simple patterns, it should be usable 1.

A kit is also available. The published works are almost covered, so please take a look at this purchase reference.

・ All are Japanese sentence patterns. The method of knitting is a picture showing the overall image + the direction of knitting so that it can be understood to some extent. In addition, the entire flow is written at the beginning, and explanations are added so that you can understand even if you are unfamiliar with the text.
・ Video tutorials are available for techniques.

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