KNITSONIK Stranded Colorwork Playbook


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The 2 edition of Fair Isle's inspirational book by designer and Fair Isle artist Felicity Ford.

4 year from the groundbreaking previous work KNITSONIK Stranded Colorwork Sourcebook, which summarizes how to make original patterns from things around us.
A lot of patterns are also introduced here in the sequel.
The method of extracting colors and shapes from casual landscapes such as road signs, fallen leaves, and manholes and creating beautiful patterns is fresh and exciting.
There are also methods for knitting flags and shawls, so make sure to create an original pattern and finish it into a piece.

The interesting thing is that the coloring book Playbook Coloring Companion has been released.
Designs recorded in the KNITSONIK Stranded Colorwork Playbook are put together in a notebook, and you can try coloring them with a colored pencil yourself.
This way, you can check the whole set before weaving.

Playbook Coloring Companion is available in two types.
Please choose the one you like.

* Includes a code that allows you to download listed patterns via Ravelry.
* Playbook Coloring Companion comes with a code that allows you to download the recorded design (PDF).

Product type: Book

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