amirisu original yarn bowl


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A yarn bowl designed and developed by amirisu and Shimokappu workshop in Hokkaido.

Each piece is hand-crafted from solid wood. Moderate weight, and the inside is smooth, so the yarn ball turns happily. It is also attractive that it tastes as you use it. Please use it as a companion for long knitting.

Size: outside diameter 12.5cm, height 7.5cm, inside diameter about 11.5cm, depth about 6cm

Material: Hippo wood * Prices include tax. * Because it is handmade, the grain of the wood is slightly different for each 1 point. Please note.

* Due to the nature of the product, boxes and solid wood may be damaged by repeated transportation, so please forgive the returned goods unless there is a special reason. Please order it after understanding it.

Product type: Notions

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