CocoKnits Precious Metal Stitch Markers


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Precious marker sets arrived from Cocoknits, which develops fashionable knitting goods.

3 marker set.
Finished in elegant gold, silver and copper colors. Since it is a steel base, it will not disappear if it is placed on a magnetic tray.

There are 3 types of 3 color markers with 6 colors in total, so you can use them conveniently.
A stylish paper box that opens and closes with a magnet.
A special marker set that makes you feel good.

Contents: 6 for each color
・ Round stitch marker (Compatible with US 15 / 10 mm needle size or less)
・ Mini round stitch marker (compatible with US 9 / 5.5 mm needles or smaller)
・ Opening stitch marker (supports sizes below US 11 / 8mm needles)

Product type: Notions

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