amirisu yarn cutter


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The one that Meri sketches in a dream is commercialized by a workshop in Hokkaido.

Like Yarn Bowl, I have 1 pieces handmade. The surface is smooth with an oil finish. It is also attractive that it tastes as you use it. It is cute even if you decorate it. Please use it as a companion for long knitting.

Size: Width 4cm x Height 5cm x Thickness 0.9cm Material: Hippopotamus * Because it is handmade, the position of the grain or hole is slightly different for each 1 point. Please note.

About Shimokapu Kobo

A woodworking workshop in Hokkaido Shimukappu Village that I met through a common friend in 2014. Born in Nagoya, trained in a furniture workshop in Hida Takayama and moved to Hokkaido. It is a very gentle and warm atmosphere. The workshop is small, with 3 students including disciples, and is produced in a room in an elementary school that has been closed.

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