Spindrift (530 to 1390)


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Manufacturer: Jamieson's

Product Name: Spindrift

25g / 105m
10cm = 32th x 32 steps
US3 / 3.25mm
100% Pure Shetland yarn

Jamieson's spindrift, a typical fair aisle yarn. Walnut deals with 94 colors.
Because it is easy to entangle, it can be stake. The more you use it, the colors will mix nicely and the touch will be better.

Due to the large number of colors, the page is divided into two pages.
Before 526 number, it will be a separate page.

Because of the large number of colors, it was sold only at the store, but it was decided that it would be sold at the online shop after receiving a voice that it would be possible to put it on the net because only the number was acceptable!
Since there is no image for each color number, sorry to trouble you,Manufacturer siteI would be grateful if you could check it.

Product type: yarn

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