Carry C Long Interchangeable Set


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Dear bamboo needle fans, Carry C Long has arrived. The shaft is long and the tip of the needle is sharp. Since the cord is soft, it can also be used for magic loops. The connecting part is not loosened just by tightening it by hand, and since it rotates, there is no risk of twisting during knitting. The replacement needle 11 book has a wide range of accessories, so you can handle almost any pattern with this one! Since it is an overseas product, the needle number is US size.
The case has changed color to gray.

set content

・ Replacement needle 11-US3 (3.25mm) / US4 (3.5mm) / US5 (3.75mm) / US6 (4mm) / US7 (4.5mm) / US8 (5mm) / US9 (5.5mm) / US10 (6mmX / US 10.5 (6.5mm) / US11 (8mm)

・ 3 cords for wheel needles-50cm / 60cm / 80cm

・ Cable adapter ・ Cable stopper (4)

・ Binding needle (2)

・ Needle gauge with yarn cutter

・ Case product size 133mm × 175mm × 24mm

Tulip's beautiful, bamboo interchangeable needle set has even joins to ensure that yarn does not get caught on the surface while the rotary cable join prevents twisting while knitting.The needle tips are sharp and can be easily attached to and removed from the cable very flexible cables without using a tool!

Set Contains:
Needle Sizes: US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 10.75, 11, 13
3 Cables: 20 ", 24", 32 "
1 Cable Connector
4 Cable Stoppers
2 Tapestry Needles
1 Gauge Ruler with a Built-In Yarn Cutter

More About Tulip:

Tulip has participated in trade shows for handcrafts all over the world and after showcasing their products for many years, they wanted to make a unique interchangeable needle set: the CarryC LongTo create this amazing set that would go on to earn the favor of knitting fans around the world, they decided that rather than cost, it was more important “to create one product that has everything you need to make knitting easy and enjoyable for everyone , everywhere. ”These stunning bamboo knitting needles are loaded with unique features: grooves on the clasp to grip and turn with ease-making tools unnecessary to interchange your needles, a rubber ring so that the connection between the bamboo and the clasp does not loosen , and a pretty, compact carrying case that can be taken anywhere you go. CarryC Long set was designed so that you can enjoy your knitting on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, regardless if you are on a train, on a plane or in a hotel room!

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