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The long-awaited SOCK set has come out of HiyaHiya's replacement needle set.

The needle size is a set of 0 types: US1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 5.
If you are knitting socks or miniatures, this is fine.
It is light and durable, and does not have a metal-specific odor like other companies' products.

Since the base of the cord rotates, the knitted fabric is not twisted, and it can be knitted without any looseness.
It is a soft cord that is ideal for magic loops that require socks.

A single replacement needle tip and cord are also sold, so it is safe to buy.

set content:
·Case(Assorted colors are not available.)
・ Replacement needle
・ Needle cord, 60cm (2) / 80cm (1) / 100cm (1)
-Rubber stopper to tighten the needle tightly on the cord
・ Sock Tip Adapters (used to attach US2 and 2.5 needles to Sock cables)

Needle thickness:
US0 (2mm) / US1 (2.25) / US1.5 (2.5mm) / US2 (2.75mm) / US2.5 (3mm)

Needle point:
Sharp (pointed)

Needle length:
5 "(about 13cm)

important point:This is a high-priced item, not post mailing for mail service, it will be normal delivery. Please understand that shipping charges cannot be changed.

Product Details
Material: Needle: Stainless
Accessories: plastic etc
made in China

Product type: Notions

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