Carry C Interchangeable Bamboo Knitting Needle Set


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Dear bamboo needle fan, Carry C changeable bamboo ring needle set has arrived.
Since the cord is soft, it can also be used for magic loops. The connecting part is not loosened just by tightening it by hand, and since it rotates, there is no risk of twisting during knitting. There are many accessories for 11 replacement needles, so you can handle almost any pattern with this one! Since it is an overseas product, the needle number is US size.

set content

・ Replacement needle 11-US3 (3.25mm) / US4 (3.5mm) / US5 (3.75mm) / US6 (4mm) / US7 (4.5mm) / US8 (5mm) / US9 (5.5mm) / US10 (6mmX / US 10.5 (6.5mm) / US11 (8mm)

・ 3 cords for wheel needles-40cm / 60cm / 80cm

・ Cable adapter ・ Cable stopper (6)

・ Binding needle (2)

・ Needle gauge with yarn cutter

・ Case product size 133mm × 175mm × 24mm

Product type: Notions

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