HiyaHiya replacement wheel needle set


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HiyaHiya replacement wheel needle set.

It is very light, and there is no odor peculiar to metals like other companies' products.
Since the base of the cord rotates, the knitted fabric is not twisted, and it can be knitted without any looseness.
It's a soft cord that's perfect for magic loops.

You can choose from 8 types according to the difference in needle thickness, needle tip, and needle length.

set content:

·Case(Assorted colors are not available.)
・ Replacement needle
・ Round needle cord, 40cm / 60cm / 80cm / 100cm
-Rubber stopper to tighten the needle tightly on the cord

Needle thickness:

・ Breakdown of large needle set

US9 (5.5mm) / US10 (6mm) / US10.5 (6.5mm) / US 11 (8mm) / US13 (9mm) / US15 (10mm)

・ Breakdown of thin needle set

US2 (2.75mm) / US3 (3.25) / US4 (3.5mm) / US5 (3.75mm) / US6 (4mm) / US7 (4.5mm) / US8 (5mm)

Needle point:

Normal (sufficiently sharp) or sharp (very sharp)

Needle length:

4 "(about 10cm) or 5" (about 13cm)
If normal, 5 inch is recommended. 4 inches come in handy when weaving small rings such as sleeves and hats.

important point:
This is a high-priced item, not post mailing for mail service, it will be normal delivery. Please understand that shipping charges cannot be changed.
Sometimes there are bonuses in the set on behalf of the manufacturer. The basic set contents are the above.

Product Details
Material: Needle: Stainless
Accessories: plastic etc
made in China

Product type: Notions

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