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The hand ceremony (TESHIKI) is a brand created by the sisters of Reiko Nakata and Reiko Matsuoka.
Natural underwear and relaxing wearWe handle and produce domestically.

This underwear is of course produced in Japan.
Made of high-quality shirt fabric, it is soft, smooth, and comfortable to the touching skin.
Even if you wash it, it will not lose shape, and the fabric will remain smooth.

As you can see if you turn the back, the thread end is polite and there is no such thing as extra thread popping out.
If you are sewing, you may be impressed with the beautiful sewing.
You can feel the maker's commitment to use it for a long time, even though it is a consumable item.

I am happy that there is no rubber tightening.
It ’s a simple design, but it ’s sophisticated,
Daily underwear that can be worn refreshingly and relaxed.

Size: M (hip84 ~ 92cm) / L (hip90 ~ 96cm)
Material: Outer: 100% cotton / Inner: 100% organic cotton

Photo provided by TESHIKI

Product type: Clothes

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