TESHIKI Tucked Wide Pants


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The hand ceremony (TESHIKI) is a brand created by the sisters of Reiko Nakata and Reiko Matsuoka.
We handle natural underwear and relaxed wear, which are produced in Japan.

Linen wide pants that fit anything.
Made of slightly thicker quality linen, it can be refined no matter what you bring to the top.

Since the size can be adjusted with the waist strap,
You can wear it at the high waist or wear it at your waist.

While there is a feeling of smooth fall of high-quality linen, there is a firmness that does not pick up the body line too much, so it suits a wide range of body shapes.

Tokuco wears and combinesIris.
kitIs selling.

Size: Free (Waist Max Width: 96cm / Inseam: 65cm)
Material: Linen 100%

Photo provided by TESHIKI

Product type: Clothes

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