Amita Long Shirt

fog linen work

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The “Amitah Long Shirt” is an arrangement of shirts worn by Indian men. Buttons on the chest, pockets on both sides, and slits under the pockets. You can enjoy layered as well as 1 images with a relaxed silhouette. The first place to expand the range of coordination.
amirisu recommends coordinating with knits, such as wearing a sweater or cardigan, or wearing a turtle inside. A dress that can be worn all season.

miiThaaii by fog linen work
miiThaaii is a brand that produces a variety of products using the Madras check fabric of the “Rungi” everyday wear worn by a South Indian man around his waist like a skirt. In addition to selling the fabric itself, it offers a wide variety of items such as shirts, skirts, dresses, tote bags, scarves and handkerchiefs. This time, in addition to the checkered items, new clothing made by dyeing Indian rich cotton with 1 and 1 points in Japan will also be released. Born in a hot and humid climate, the cotton is soft and familiar, and is characterized by a light touch and thin air. It is an item that can be worn comfortably even in the coming season when it gets warmer or in a warm summer climate.

Made in India
Material Cotton 100%
Size FREE / Width 62cm, Shoulder width 50cm, Length 97cm, Sleeve length 44cm
Side slit 30cm

Product type: Clothes

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