HiyaHiya Stainless ring needle 23cm


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HiyaHiya's stainless steel needle. It is very light, and once used, the other needles feel heavy. There is no smell peculiar to metals unlike other companies' products.
23cm also appeared! This is to knit small rings such as socks with a magic loop.
For troublesome people. You can also use it for gloves.
The needle point can be selected from two types: normal (being sharp enough) and sharp (very sharp). Extra fines are only manufactured normally.

Product Details
Needle: Stainless
Needle length: 4.8cm
Overall length: 23cm
made in China

US6-0 (000-000) / 0.70mm
US5-0 (000-00) / 1.00mm
US4-0 (0000) / 1.20mm
US3-0 (000) / 1.50mm
US2-0 (00) / 1.75mm
US0 / 2.0mm
US1 / 2.25mm
US1.5 / 2.5mm
US2 / 2.75mm
US2.5 / 3.0mm
US3 / 3.25mm
US4 / 3.5mm
US5 / 3.75

Product type: Notions

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